School Visits

Eve Ainsworth is the award-winning children’s author of Seven Days, Lost, Because Of You and All To Play For amongst other titles. She has also written a non-fiction children’s book – Gamechangers – about the history of the lioness football team.

Eve experienced in presenting author talks for large and wide ranging audience. She can talk about her writing journey as a working class author and provide tips for writing. Eve can also
focus on the subjects and themes covered in her books. Popular talks include bullying (7 days), toxic relationships (Crush), grief and happiness (Lost) and football – both historical (The Dick Kerr Girls series) or current (All to Play For, Lost).

Eve also an experienced workshop facilitator and run creative classes for a range of ages (7-70!) She is happy to tailor school talks to suit you. Her aim is to encourage and inspire young people.

Popular talks include:

  • Covering PHSE subjects in her contemporary books such as bullying, friendships, grief, mental health and blended families.
  • Covering sport – focusing on Eve’s football books – Gamechangers, All to Play for and Lost.
  • The rise of women’s football – focusing on the Dick Kerr Girls and Gamechangers.
  • Creative workshops – focusing on character development, dialogue, settings or plots.

Popular workshops include:

  • Inspiration – finding the ‘spark’ to write. Where can we get ideas from? How can we flip situations and/or characters we already know and create new stories? How we can use memories, or emotional moments to inspire writing?
  • Character Development – Focusing on the importance of strong characters. Exploring various exercises to help develop well-rounded and believable characters that stand out.
  • Setting the Scene – Focusing on the importance of a strong and believable setting. Settings can help to make our stories stronger and helps to improve world building. Exercises in this session will focus on strengthening the imagined world around your characters.

  • The Wonder of Dialogue – Focusing on exercises to help you to develop realistic and powerful speech, internal thought and the power of body language/expression and the ‘unsaid word’.
  • Beginnings, Ends and Avoiding the mid-slump – Focusing on the importance of a strong opening in a story. What draws a reader in and persuades them to continue? We will also focus on exercises to ensure that stories do not have weak endings and avoid slumps in the midway point.
  • Poetry – Focusing on the fun and wonder of poetry – creating pieces from different situations and settings to make emotions come alive.

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