Mentoring and Critiquing


As an award-winning author of both children’s and fiction, I am well placed to offer mentoring and critiquing services. I am also a working-class author who appreciates the difficulties and challenges that can be faced when you come from an unprivileged background, and I am especially keen to help break down barriers and inspire new voices in these areas.

Below are examples of what I can offer, but please do not hesitate to contact me if you are looking for something more bespoke or tailored to your needs.


Perhaps you are in the middle of writing a story and feel that something is not quite working. It might be the structure, the pace, or the plot itself that needs a little help. Or maybe you need a ‘coach’ to help guide and motivate you when you are losing direction or motivation. In these instances I am happy to mentor you through the writing process.

My fee is £35 per hour. I will read and comment on a section of reading material and then arrange a meeting with you, either face to face or via Zoom to discuss feedback and suggest ways forward.

I am particularly interested in helping those writers from working class backgrounds.

Editorial and Critiquing:

I can also help writers who have completed their novels and require edits and structural comments, before submitting to agents or publishers. As a published author of over 14 books, I understand the process well. I can also help with submission packages (query letter
and synopsis) and advise on how to secure a suitable agent.

Again, my editorial rates are £35 an hour and I will happily meet with an author, either in person or via Zoom to discuss their novel, suggest feedback and advise on the publication process.

My speciality is children’s, MG, YA and contemporary women’s fiction. If you would like to discuss your book in more detail – please do not hesitate to contact me.