To celebrate Kicking Off coming out this week, I’m going to share some fun Dick Kerr Girl facts with you.

1. The girls played football to raise money for injured soldiers in WW1. They raised about £180,000, which would be around £10 million today.

2. The Dick Kerr Ladies had the largest crowd ever recorded for a women’s club team. 53,000 spectators watched the Ladies play St Helens Ladies in 1920.

3. They were the first women’s team ever to wear shorts in a competitive game.

4. They were truly awesome – inspiring fans young and old, both in the UK and abroad and were the foreruners of women’s football. Who knows where the game might have gone if the FA hadn’t have banned women’s football in 1921!!

So please do order a copy of Kicking Off. This a fictional retelling of the Dick Kerr Ladies story and is for children 8+, but adults can enjoy it too!

Also I would also recommend reading In A League of Their Own (a factual book), written by the amazing sports historian Gail Newsham. I couldn’t have written this series without her!