It has been a long time since Alice has felt safe.
Because of him. Ross. But now she, Mum and her little brother Henry have finally moved far away, where Ross will never find them. It’s a fresh start, Mum says. This time, she is never going back.

Slowly Alice starts to build a life for herself, at a new school with new friends. But she can’t escape the feeling she is being watched. That he might be lurking, waiting to ruin everything again. That Mum might be about to break her promise. That, just when Alice is starting to feel safe, everything will be taken away from her.


Eve Ainsworth

I’m an award-winning teen author, experienced school speaker and creative workshop co-ordinator. I have appeared at several festivals as a speaker, including Hay-on-Wye (2016), Oxford (2016), Highgate & Hampstead (2015) and Chichester. I am happy to hold author talks or run creative workshops within schools and other arenas. I am experienced in supporting young people within a school environment and am particularly interested in working with beginner writers. I am an experienced school speaker and am represented by Hannah Weatherill at Northbank Talent.

My Other Books


It’s 1917, and Britain is at war. Shy teenager Hettie wants to help the war effort, and signs up to work in the local Dick, Kerr & Co. munitions factory. She’s nervous, but she has no idea quite how much her life is about to change … For, inside this factory are young women who are about to make sporting history. Can Hettie find the courage to join them, and in doing so, find her own place in the world?
Based on the thrilling true story of the Dick, Kerr Ladies team – football’s forgotten legends.


Violet’s mum hasn’t been herself for a while. A few too many glasses of wine in the evening. Mornings when she can’t get out of bed. Now Violet’s the one looking after her little brother and looking out for empty bottles in Mum’s bag. But it’s just another little blip. Mum will be fine again soon. She has to be … How long do blips last for?


When Alfie Turner loses his mum, it feels like his world is falling apart. She was the glue that held their family together and, now that she’s gone, Alfie and his dad don’t really know how to be a family without her. And then Alfie meets Alice. Alice is a force of nature and has her own set of problems, but at least when Alfie’s with her he can forget about his. Or can he? Because no matter how hard you run, life will always catch up in the end…


Poppy’s having a nightmare at home. Her parents have split up and her mum’s new boyfriend is moving in. Dad is the one who’s always been there for Poppy, but now he’s drifting further and further away. It seems like things can’t get any worse until it all goes wrong at school as well and Poppy finds herself being targeted by spiteful bullies. As the vicious online comments keep coming, who can Poppy turn to for help?


Touching on mental health, family, friendship and the pressures that teenage carers face. Marty and Daisy spend their lives pretending. Marty pretends his mum’s grip on reality isn’t slipping by the day. Daisy pretends her parents aren’t exhausting themselves while they look after her incurably ill brother. They both pretend they’re fine. But the thing about pretending is, at some point, it has to stop. And then what?


How can you heal if you can’t face your past? Confident, popular Gabi has a secret – a secret so terrible she can’t tell her family, or her best friend. She can’t even take pleasure in her beloved skateboarding any more. And then one day an impulse turns to something darker. Gabi has never felt so alone. But then she learns that not everyone has wounds you can see.


Love hurts … but should it hurt this much? Reeling from her mum’s sudden departure, Anna finds the comfort she needs in her blossoming relationship with Will. He’s handsome and loving, everything Anna has always dreamt of. He’s also moody and unpredictable, pushing her away from her friends and her music. He wants her to be his and his alone. He wants her to be perfect. Anna’s world is closing in. But threatening everything is a dark secret that not even Will can control.


Life is hard for Jess. School should be a safe place but at the moment it’s everything Jess dreads, and it’s made even more difficult by the threatening presence of Kez. Kez lives in a nicer part of town but her life isn’t any sweeter. The only place she finds comfort is knowing she is better off than Jess – or so she thinks.


My name is Maisy Malone. I’m seventeen years old, live in a ratty council house with my 60 year old near-alcoholic Dad and a dog with a leaky bum. This is my blog. You can either like it, or you can lump it…


Eve Ainsworth is a staple author for fans of UKYA contemporary books, and so I was very excited to see that she’s releasing a novella with Barrington Stoke this year! The thing that I love about Eve’s books is how she doesn’t shy away from difficult topics but also creates stories and characters to love. Because of You is no exception.This is a standout title from Barrington Stoke for me; it’s full of what makes UKYA so brilliant, but in a way that’s accessible to a wider range of readers, and so I’d highly recommend it!

– SNailycanflyY

Workshops & School Visits

I am experienced in working in schools in Pastoral and Child Protection roles. Alongside being an enthusiastic speaker and promoter for reading and creative writing, I can also deliver workshops and talk more specifically about bullying and/or toxic relationships.
Workshop Examples:

  • Character building/developing characters
  • Interviewing your hero villain
  • From another perspective – looking at another point of view
  • Dual narrative – exploring the power of two voices
  • The power of dialogue

Author Talks:

  • My route to publication
  • An author’s life
  • Focus on bullying – why I wrote 7 Days
  • Stats and facts on bullying
  • Focus on toxic relationships – why I wrote Crush
  • Stats and facts on toxic relationships
  • on self harm, mental health and hurting – why I wrote Damage

Book a Visit:
If you are interested in booking a visit, please contact me at my email address below, or connect with me through my Social Media links.

Mentoring & Critique Services

I am able to provide mentoring services for writers looking for help with the work in progress, or who are looking for feedback on whether their novel has the potential to sell in today’s tricky market.

As an award winning YA author of over 4 published books, I am able to guide you and your book, helping to shape you into the best author you can be.

Depending on location, I can allocate ‘mentoring appointments’ either face-to-face or over the internet and dedicate agree hours to read and feedback on novels or short stories.

Please contact me for more information and I will be happy to discuss options with you.

Happy writing xx


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Virtual Book Launch – Magpie

Join us on 16th February to celebrate my new book, MAGPIE. Eve will be in conversation with Katherine Woodfine talking all about tackling tough subjects in books for children We would love to see you there! Link to register:...

Virtual Launch – Magpie

Please Join us on 16th February to celebrate my new book, MAGPIE. I will be in conversation with Katherine Woodfine talking all about tackling tough subjects in books for children Link to register: I would love to see...

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