Somebody I Used to Love


When Will wakes up after a car accident, he’s lost three years of memory. All he wants is his girlfriend and childhood sweetheart, Gem, beside him. Instead, nothing is as he remembers.

Gem has finally moved on from hers and Will’s break-up. With a new life and boyfriend, the last thing she expects is a call to say Will needs her – the man who nearly destroyed her.

As Will recovers, he is determined to prove to Gem that he is the man he once was. But by unlocking the secrets of his past, will he be able to piece together what caused him to change so dramatically?

award winning Author

Eve Ainsworth

I’m an award-winning author for children and adults, experienced school speaker and creative workshop co-ordinator. I have appeared at several festivals as a speaker, including Hay-on-Wye (2016), Oxford (2016), Highgate & Hampstead (2015) and Chichester. I am happy to hold author talks or run creative workshops within schools and other arenas. I am experienced in supporting young people within a school environment and am particularly interested in working with beginner writers. I am an experienced school speaker and am represented by Hannah Weatherill at Northbank Talent.

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Back Of The Net

Eva’s football skills make her stand out while playing at break-time at school, so her friends can’t understand why she’s reluctant to join them…

Somebody I Used To Love

When Will wakes up after a car accident, he’s lost three years of memory. All he wants is his girlfriend and childhood sweetheart...

Finding Her Feet

Lily always feels a little bit left out. Shy and anxious, she finds school really hard, particularly as most of the other girls all seem so confident.


Praise for the Dick, Kerr Ladies fiction series:

‘This is a story about friendship, family and football, and I think you’re going to love it!’ – Cathy Cassidy

‘A brilliant, powerful story. And one that needs to be told.’ – Dan Freedman

‘This story has been waiting to be told to young readers for too long. They will surely welcome the promise of further episodes in the Dick Kerr team’s history.’ – Books for Keeps

‘An inspiring read’ – The Week Junior

– Divi Digest

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march 19 2022

Creative Writing Worhshop at Crawley Library

Join acclaimed author Eve with inspiring exercises to help begin, develop and strengthen your writing. This face-to-face session will be a writing workshop suitable for anyone aged 10 years + where Eve will share on how to write on the issues that matter to you

may 26 2022

The Release of Eve's Debut Adult Book - Duckling

Get ready to meet 2022’s most unlikely heroine…

Out on 4th July 2024

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